Business analysis and coaching

For over 2 years we have focused our efforts to help various businesses around the world to grow by analysing their finance, human resources, media buying / Marketing expenditures and getting them to the right path for success.

No matter if your company has one or hundred employees, it needs a “fresh blood” time to time to be able to look at your business with fresh look. Sometimes companies are growing so rapidly that owners or senior managers can not keep up with expenditures and focus on other things like growth, missing that it is not always about growth as a single thing, it is about cost saving on the way up, and this is where we come in – keeping in mind that you have to grow, but pin-pointing out where you can save your resources and where you could spend your money more efficient. We focus on the following points:

  • Financial break out:
    • Expenses on office;
    • Expenses on people;
    • Expenses on travel;
    • Expenses on services;
    • Proposal on changes.
  • Human resources:
    • Existing people and roles evaluation;
    • Interviews with employees, evaluation of their skills and mindset;
    • Procurement process;
    • Proposal on changes.
  • Marketing:
    • Evaluation of existing marketing channels;
    • Identifying potential marketing channels;
    • Proposal on findings.